Annliz Cup changes 2022


In 2019 version of Annliz Cup we introduced a new setup of Annliz Cup where SuperElit was moved two weeks earlier than Elit and G16 tournament.

Since this year we introduced G19 as a separate class and from 2022 we will again join SuperElit, Elit and G19 to create the perfect start for clubs who want to both play with their senior team and bring the younger Junior team to the same place. The aim is to have a senior version in Week 32 each year and a youth-version in week 34.

We have already spoken to several clubs about this change and have only posivite respons. It's a great way to have players in Junior, Div 1 and swedish Allsvenskan to be able to international top teams in one place along with playing their own tornament. 

Invitatations will be sent out to teams in a near future and we will start to present teams in the spring of 2022.

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